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Welcome. We are Al and Annette Vandendriessche. We have been an independant distributor of Nature's Sunshine natural health products since 2003. Soon after using the quality products to help ourselves we decided to share them with others.

To be honest all we wanted to do was to get healthy and before we knew it people were asking how we did it. We love helping people to discover how they can take responsibility towards maintaining their health. As an added bonus we are able to help people build a business through referrals.

Company Profile

In 1972, Gene Hughes, a Utah school teacher, began experiencing a nagging stomach condition. He took the advice of a neighbor who suggested cayenne pepper for his discomfort. It worked! Soon Gene began feeling much better, but swallowing a spoonful of cayenne pepper was awful. That's when his wife, Kristine, suggested putting the powder into easy-to-swallow gelatin capsules. It was revolutionary! They enlisted the support of family members to begin a small business, selling encapsulated cayenne and other herbs and supplements to health food stores. Nature's Sunshine, the pioneer of encapsulated herbs, was born! The Hughes soon realized they wanted to touch more lives with their products. The direct marketing business model allowed them to educate consumers about supplements and provided their sales force an opportunity to share in the success of the company. Four decades later, Nature's Sunshine's products continue to bless the lives of people all over America and in nearly 60 countries. We're sure our premium-quality supplements will brighten your life and help you find your brilliant body.

Because Nature's Sunshine is one of very few companies that manufactures its own products, we can ensure the highest quality and control every aspect of testing along the production process. Our pharmaceutical-grade, 250,000+ square-foot facility includes a climate-controlled warehouse and cutting-edge laboratory equipment. This commitment to quality extends to every one of our raw materials suppliers. Rejected ingredients can delay products, and we try very hard not to do that. That's why we require each supplier to test their materials per our exacting specifications. Then we test the same materials in-house to verify. Even with this agreement from our vendors, we reject approximately 2.6% of incoming lots. What happens to that material? It goes back to the vendor so they can resell it to another company. Some might call this attention to quality a little obsessive. To which we reply, thank you very much.

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